McClure Licking River Farms Certified Organic

McClure Licking River Farms Certified Organic

Todd McClure bought a farm and wanted to focus on farm-to-table fresh meat production. Having years of experience in business what many may find a grueling process getting certified organic was not that difficult. It does require a systems plan and some paperwork but in owner-operator words.


" I did not find the paperwork that difficult compared to normal business processes" .

-Todd McClure

Keeping records is required but in any business, you need to monitor your cost and processes or you never know if you are losing or making money. If you're going to spend extra on your feed that is certified not GMO or using organic input then you should have the certification. Many think it is a government program but actually, the certification companies are independent businesses and or government entities that do the actual certification. The USDA does get the system plan and the agency reports to put on the final rubber stamp. You do have to keep accurate records and reports.

Having many years of internet marketing experience Todd McClure plans to sell his meat or Chickens online with shipping or local delivery available. We live in a world where human interaction and local markets have changed and on the Internet reputation is everything. A USDA Organic seal is a reputation tool consumers can trust. McClure Liking River Farms used the OneCert agency for their certification process and from start to finish they were a great team to work with. We would highly recommend them for any new farm or existing organic farm.

McClure Licking River Farms will operate as an organic farm and future plans are to add lamb, Beef, and Pork. This season will only be certified organic Chicken.

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