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McClure Organic Farm

Mangalista Gourmet Pastured Ground Sausage

Mangalista Gourmet Pastured Ground Sausage

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This is a Mangalista Ground Sausage approximately 1-pound packages. This Sausage is available in five flavors. Our Pastured Manalastas's are given a natural environment to forage for nuts and nutrient-rich forage. We feed them an organic, non-GMO mix of grains and do not give them corn or soy.  The reason we have some non-organic cuts of meat can be attributed to a few reasons. Sometimes, the processor does not have the proper seasoning for ground sausage that is certified organic. When we started with our Mangalista pigs, we bought two pregnant sows, and one was only on the farm two weeks before she had her litter. All organic animals must be born on the farm, and the mother is raised organically for the last 1/3 of her pregnancy. So, the first group of pigs we took to market, 5 were organic, and six were not. 

  • Cut Ground Pork
  • Pork Type Mangalista Gourmet pork boasts beautiful marbling and superb, moist texture. Known by many as the Kobe beef of pork.
  • Weight 1 Pounds per Pack
    • Sweet Sassy Sage
    • Mama's Mild Italian
    • Farmers Mild Breakfast
    • Jalapeno
    • Habanero & Mango

Preferred cooking Method.  Our preferred cooking method is paddies or ground in a frying pan depending on the use, we like to roll the Italian into balls and use in spaghetti. Farmers Mild Breakfast makes great biscuits and gravy. Some other flavors we will use as paddies and use for breakfast or in a breakfast sandwich.  

Available for Local Delivery or Pickup

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