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Organic Mangalista Gourmet Pastured Coppa Shoulder Roast

Organic Mangalista Gourmet Pastured Coppa Shoulder Roast

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Certified Organic

This is a Mangalista Organic Coppa Shoulder Roast. One of our favorite pork roast cuts is the coppa from the neck area. These roasts are approximately 4-5 pounds and are rich in flavor. The pork coppa makes the perfect dinner roast and is incredibly delicious. Use in a crock pot or smoke on a grill.  Our Pastured Mangalistas are given a natural environment to forage for nuts and nutrient-rich forage. We feed them an organic, non-GMO mix of grains and do not give them corn or soy. 

  • Cut Coppa Shoulder Roast 4-5 pounds per pack. 
  • Pork Type Mangalista Gourmet pork boasts beautiful marbling and superb, moist texture. Known by many as the Kobe beef of pork
  • Weight 4-5 Pounds 1 Roast per pack

Preferred cooking Method.  Our preferred cooking method for Mangalitsa Coppa is to slow roast it. The optimal oven temperature for this meat is 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook to meet your desired doneness; we recommend using a meat thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temperature of the meat, with a finished temperature of 145-150 degrees. If you have a pellet grill we usually smoke the coppa at 225 degrees until an interal tempature of 145, you can add a rich smoked flavor to your meat. We prefer apple pellets for pork. 

Available for Local Delivery or Pickup

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