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Mangalista Gourmet Pastured Jowl Bacon

Mangalista Gourmet Pastured Jowl Bacon

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This is a Mangalista jowl bacon. This bacon is from the jowl or cheek area.  This bacon is packed in 1-pound packs. This is a great bacon to add to a pot of green beans or pork and beans.  Our processor does not use any nitrates in the curing of our bacon; only what will naturally occur from Celery Juice Powder that contains naturally occurring nitrites. Our Pastured Mangalistas are given a natural environment to forage for nuts and nutrient-rich forage. We feed them an organic, non-GMO mix of grains and do not give them corn or soy. 

  • Cut Jowl or cheek Bacon 1 pound per pack. 
  • Pork Type Mangalista Gourmet pork boasts beautiful marbling and superb, moist texture. Known by many as the Kobe beef of pork
  • Weight 1 Pound per pack

Preferred cooking Method.  Cook in a frying pan in slow heat with a low melting temperature of Mangalista fat. Always go slow and easy until it reaches the desired crispyness. 

Available for Local Delivery or Pickup

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