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McClure Organic Farm

Mangalista Whole or Half Hog

Mangalista Whole or Half Hog

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Reserve your Pasture Raised Mangalista Pork, the Kobe Beef of Pork. McClure Licking River Farms is certified organic, meaning all our feed is GMO-free and grown naturally without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We do not feed our pigs corn or soy; they get a mixture of barley, wheat, peas, sunflower meal, ground alfalfa pellets, and what they can naturally forage from the pasture and forest. We will have some hogs ready this fall. The hanging weight sells them, and the final price will be $9.00/Lb of hanging weight for a full hog (10.00LB half Hog). This is for a custom butcher half or whole hog. The price includes the processing wrap and seal fee. Bacon or ham will be at an additional fee of 2.95 cents per pound; also, sausage is available at 1.00 per pound. We grow these full-blood Mangalista pigs for 12 to 14 months, and the average hanging weight will be about 200 pounds, depending on the individual animal. We will contact you regarding your processing time frame and for cutting instructions. An average whole hog will yield approximately the following: divide the number in half for a half hog.


We will let you know the next available date after deposit is made

  • 15-18 LBS Pork Chops
  • 6-8 LBS collar Steak
  • 20 LBS Bacon
  • 4 LBS rigs
  • 28 LBS hams: Roast, ham steaks, or plain uncured roast and steaks. These would be bone-in weights
  • 40 LBS Lard (includes leaf lard and back fat and trim lard. Can be rendered or made into lardo)
  • 20 LBS of Sausage
  • In addition, if desired, we will give you a lot of bones for soup stock
Our Mangalista pigs are all from pure Mangalista lines. They are renowned for their red, flavorful meat and premium lard. All of our pigs are raised regenerative on pasture. The whole or half hogs are custom butcher, not USDA certified for sale, nor can they be certified organic, but all are raised according to organic standards.
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